About Us

Our Story

Originally Atlas Home Cleaning Pros was started by only two guys who had a vision of keeping every family safe from environmental elements that can be found in homes or businesses. It was obvious to them that everyone always talks about outside pollution, but the inside air due to running the air conditioner or heat can effect everyone’s health even more. We spend many hours indoors and most of us do not even know the air quality we breathe in every single day.

Our Approach

Exceptional customer service and a well trained staff is very important to this organization. Our goal is to help clients keep their inside home environment clean and ensure that they are satisfied with our work.


Atlas Home Cleaning

Atlas Home Cleaning Prosmission is to provide our clients with the safest and cleanest home and work environment possible. Atlas Home Cleaning Pros has searched for new ways to innovate in the industrial cleaning industry. We strive to exceed customer expectations and offer exceptional customer service.