Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

Regular chimney cleaning protects your chimney, house, and family from fires. Chimney cleaning removes dangerous buildups of highly flammable creosote, as well as making sure that gases, vapor, and smoke face no obstruction as they are vented from your house.

Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are very dangerous of due to not cleaning the chimney. Most Homeowners know this, yet every year there are more chimney-related troubles than the year before, carbon monoxide poisoning in particular. We have become a nation of people living with fatigue, confusion, and flu-like symptoms, and the problem often goes right back to the heat venting system. Whether it is creosote from wood burning in the fireplace or birds nesting in your gas flue, Atlas Home Cleaning Proscan help make sure yours isn’t one of these millions of households with chimney trouble.

You may not realize how important it is for your home to have an annual chimney cleaning. Although chimneys are designed to safely contain a fire, they are also the source of a deadly buildup of creosote. If this substance builds up in sufficient quantities, it can cause an extremely destructive chimney fire. The only way to prevent this from happening is an extensive chimney cleaning.

Even more dangerous than a chimney fire is carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year, tens of thousands of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are reported, and tens of thousands more go unreported. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds every year and costs billions in sickness and lost productivity.


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